Starting a Print on Demand / Dropshipping Business with Sportswear of Tomorrow

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May 7, 2014

Starting a Print on Demand / Dropshipping Business with Sportswear of Tomorrow

Print on Demand with Dropshipping
One of the most popular searches these days is for a Print-on-Demand manufacturer. And preferably one, that also dropships to your customer, no matter where he or she is located in the world.

Branded Drop shipping is the future.

Sportswear of Tomorrow actually produces sportswear with your custom design and label and ships it directly, from its facilities in Latvia or Romania to your customer. The product will have your tags, and – to a further extent – could also have custom packaging with your print.

Who can do this?
Everyone. Literally everyone. If you need help to set up a Shopify store, I recommend you to just follow one of the steps by step videos on Youtube. Register a domain name. Pick a unique name, easy to pronounce in your target market. Another perk of running an online business is that you can virtually run this from anywhere in the world.

How to get started?
Go to our website and make a selection of the products you want to start selling. You can design your collection in Illustrator or reach out to us if you need assistance. We can discuss the work that’s needed. We can discuss a made-to-measure solution for your start-up. However, let’s assume you know how to put some designs together and you are just looking for the manufacturer of your brand.

Why building a brand is important?
The market is changing. Alexa and Google Assistant are taking steps into our lives. And so are voice commands. If you do not build a brand, you risk being losing out in the months and years to come. For example, we could assume someone asking their digital assistant: ‘’Alexa, show me the best leggings’’. The search result will show the best branded products on top. We have to ensure your customers know of your brand and would ask their digital assistant to look up your branded leggings.

Competition with AliExpress or Alibaba?
We often get the question:
”Why should I compete with giants like AliExpress and Alibaba? It’s cheaper. “
We think that’s the wrong mindset. These websites have been around for ages and yes the products are made in China and cheaper. Despite that, most of the customers still actually walk into a retail store or buy from a brand they know. Because the customer assumes that the brand equals quality. Your customers want you to do quality control and brand building. They want to buy more than just a t-shirt, legging, etc.

How much money do you need?
Working with a POD (Print on Demand) and Dropshipper is the easiest way to start or scale your business without investing a lot of money. We would say you need about 200-300 EUR. This money will be used for the domain registration, the Shopify plan (29 EUR/Month), ordering some samples, and covering the shipping costs. If you want to start running some ads as well, we would recommend to higher your budget to 500/1000 EUR. That is still much lower than most other business ideas/plans would require you to invest, to start up a business. We will help you in spending the money wisely. You can order products from us with no MOQ. We have negotiated good rates with DHL and can ship a package up to 2kg for about 15 EUR anywhere in Europe. We also have cheaper options, using economy shipping for about 6 EUR per package. We will look together with you, on what’s the best shipping method for your brand.

Another benefit is that you only need to pay a supplier when you place an order. So, no upfront inventory. We said it earlier, you can start basically with just a few products in your hands. Check your network for anyone that could suit as a model (or be a model yourself), have some nice photos made and you are ready to start selling via your Shopify store.

What’s the best next step?
The best next step is to take action. Many people are tired of their office job and would like to use the internet to earn their income. Don’t fall for the ‘Make money easy’ packages but go for the option to build a long term business. That’s right, this isn’t going to be an overnight money-maker. Such programs are scams. Every sustainable, profitable business requires hard work. So, start with choosing a brand name, pick some products from our website, and start designing. We will put the samples together and you can start promoting via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, and more. A POD/Dropshipping business model is risk-free.

Here are the steps:

1/ Make a design, order samples and test your products
2/ Build a branded store
3/ Make images (with or without a photographer for your website and social media presence)
4/ Build online presence via social media. Reach out to influencers and friends who can promote your products
5/ Register a business
6/ Happy selling! It’s really that easy!

And then?
The next steps after launching could be, to follow up on your web traffic via Google Analytics, fine-tune shipping methods, increase your marketing via paid influencer marketing, and to add a larger choice of products to your store. But as this article is mainly directed to those willing to start a new sportswear brand, using a POD/Dropshipping manufacturer, we will stop here.

How your products can stand out?

1/ All products need to have a WOW factor
2/ Great quality and great/new design
3/ If you work with us, you can promote that your garments are made in Europe, respecting all labor and quality laws
4/ choose a passionate niche/target market, so it’s easier for you to create content

Apparel (niched down to a category) is actually considered one of the greatest niche markets.

Others niche markets for an online business are:
Luxury accessories
Eco-friendly products
Outdoor patio
Clothing (niched down)
Automotive accessories

Why should you pick Sportswear of Tomorrow as your partner?
Sportswear of Tomorrow is a manufacturer of sportswear for brands all over the world. We have a wide range of products for cycling on our website, but don’t be mistaken –  we supply activewear, yoga brands, basketball, or soccer brands as well. We even helped an equestrian brand as well. So if you have any idea for products that are not on our website – just reach out to the team and we will be glad to assist you. Another benefit is that, when working with us, you don’t need another supplier. That makes things a lot easier for you. We have been in business for a long while and are able to supply you with lots of different products for your online store.


– Yes, we can put your logo on all of the products and help you make a branded dropshipping store.

– Yes, we can ship directly to your customer, wherever he or she is in the world. However, you have to cover the shipping costs, so keep that in mind when pricing your products.

– Yes, we can apply individual designs to EVERY product.

– We do not have any Minimum Order Quantity for the sublimated sportswear products.

– We do not include an invoice, showing the price you pay to us, in the shipment. So don’t worry, your customer will not find out how much you actually made.

And last but not least:
We recommend people to work with a company like ours, who is able to supply direct. Do not buy from agents or via established brands, as they will just take a margin for being an intermediate. All of this money could be yours. When you make enough, you can quit your full-time job and dedicate time to your new brand.

We know times aren’t easily seen in the current lockdowns in many countries around the world. However, we really believe that opportunity lays in times of crisis. So join us, and let’s build a great sportswear business online, with a manufacturer in Europe that can supply fast, at reasonable prices!

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