Sustainable sportswear manufacturer

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May 5, 2014
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May 8, 2014

Sustainable sportswear manufacturer

Sustainability in the textile industry is a hot topic. All the largest brands, such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok, and Puma (for example ‘Adidas by Stella McCartney) are taking major steps to bring more environmentally friendly.

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At Sportswear of Tomorrow, we have invested a lot in research and development of products made of recycled fabrics. Econyl, one of the players at the forefront of recycled yarn development has partnered up with several of our fabric suppliers. We stock lots of fabrics from Italian fabric mills such as M.I.T.I., Carvico, SITIP, EFFE PI, and Sportswear Argentina.

It’s no surprise that Sportswear of Tomorrow, in close collaboration with its suppliers it works together with for several years in a row already, plays an important role as a sustainable sportswear manufacturer to the brands it supplies.

What is a sustainable fabric made of?
Unfortunately, our oceans are polluted with trillions of plastic leftovers. Not mentioning the microplastics we don’t see with our bare eyes.  Great initiatives have been put in place in recent years to recover plastic waste, such as plastic bottles and fishing nets, from our oceans.  Companies such as Econyl, then turn this waste into recycled yarn, from which recycled fabrics are made, that we then use in your sportswear.

The possibilities are endless.

Over recent months and years, Sportswear of Tomorrow has helped cycling brands, athleisure-, yoga- or gym- apparel brands to produce premium garments made of recycled fabrics.

2 Great Examples:

The first example is a cycling brand from the United States that wanted to launch the most eco-friendly cycling jerseys and bibs on the market. Every fabric, every trim used, was recycled.  Both collection as well as teamwear. (Brand can’t be mentioned)

Or another example is a Danish running and Crossfit apparel brand made of ECONYL fabrics. Even the tags are attached to the garments, using production leftovers. (Brand can’t be mentioned)

Sportswear of Tomorrow develops and produces recycled sportswear from 100% recycled polyester. While at last year’s ISPO Trade show in Munich, the options for recycled fabrics were quite limited, we can see that all major producers have jumped on this positive trend and now offer all sorts of recycled polyesters. We stock plenty of them and have access to a lot of the other fabrics. Just share with us what garments you’d like to produce, and we will help you out from A-Z, or suggest you what recycled fabric to use in each particular garment. The other benefit is that the price for recycled fabrics is not much higher compared to ‘traditional’/non-recycled fabrics.

More on the fabrics we stock from our suppliers:
M.I.T.I.’s GREEN SOUL range consists of stretch fabrics in nylon/elastane or polyester/elastane, piece-dyed, or prepared for print, from 110 gr/sqm to 250 gr /sqm, plain or even brushed on the backside, suitable for many different fields of applications.
More features:
UV Blocking (perfect for swimwear or rashguards made of recycled fabric)
4-way stretch

Sustainability can mean more than just picking the fabrics carefully. As a brand located in the EU, you may want to work with us, because we are located close to your facilities. By reducing shipping distance, the chances are higher to produce a carbon-neutral brand. Besides that, the workforce at Sportswear of Tomorrow in Riga (Latvia) works 5 days a week, 8 hours a week with all social benefits.

Are you ready to start your sustainable sportswear brand? Reach out to us!

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