Starting your own Sportswear Brand

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May 7, 2014
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May 9, 2014

Starting your own Sportswear Brand

This article will teach you the basics of how to start a sportswear brand when working with us.

The Beginner’s Handbook on how to start your own cycling brand

There probably was never a better time to start your own cycling brand. The technology that is being used to make cycling apparel has been developed a lot over recent years!

Sublimation is the magic word!

Sublimation technology is the process of transferring inks under high temperatures from printed sublimation paper to (usually polyester) fabrics. The colors are vibrant and there are almost no limitations. You are free to pick any colors you like.
Our design team will help you to transform your ideas onto digital prints that then can be transferred to the fabric.

I am sure you will find this post very helpful if you are at the stage of starting up your cycling apparel brand. There are a number of things that may stand in your way, but we will help you to overcome them, quickly and easily.

At the early days of our business, we attended EUROBIKE Friedrichshafen (Look this event up, it’s a MUST-SEE if you plan to enter the cycling industry) and INTERBIKE LAS VEGAS (Recently moved to Reno Tahoe (USA)). All renowned brands will sign present here to showcase their next year’s collections.
You can quickly get overwhelmed here if you don’t know what you are looking for, so either prepare well or just spend an hour or 2-3 here to get an idea of what you are getting yourself into!

The sourcing hall is your territory!
You will find here all major fabric suppliers, in the likes of MITI Spa, CARVICO Spa, SITIP Spa, Sportswear Argentina, etc. These are Italian and Spanish fabric suppliers that have a strong focus on cycling garments.
We work with all of the aforementioned suppliers and carry the most common fabrics on the stock.
But you will need to educate yourself a bit in here if you are looking to launch your own brand. Get a better understanding of what are the fabric compositions, weights, purposes, etc.
All of the sales managers will also gladly help you if you are serious about launching your venture, especially if you are about to start up with us!

Next up, all in the same hall: Elastics (with or without silicone grip, all customizable with your colors and logo(s), zippers (YKK is your partner!), and then, the most important of the cycling kit: the CHAMOIS. You may want to make an appointment with some suppliers beforehand as they tend to be overloaded during the days of the exhibition. So if you want some time for you and the rep, book in advance.

Be prepared to work hard!

Setting up a brand is HARD. Not only have many smaller or Instagram brands taken over from the formerly major players but also the amount of work that you will need to put in to actually get a collection set-up, may take a long while.
And, it won’t be free of charge. Sample costs, shipping costs, testing, photoshoots and many, MANY hours of work before you can launch your brand. But, as stated earlier, we are going to help you!

As technology evolves, it also becomes easier for everyone to start their own sportswear brand. Where in the past many factories would ask the buyers to purchase hundreds, if not thousands of pieces of a particular garment, production on demand is a new trend in the textile industry.

Our company is a key player in the cycling industry and that will help you along the way.

And then, after all, you will have your own cycling brand! There is only a handful globally that can say they have managed!
The garments will have:
– Your cut
– Your print
– Your trims
– Delivered extremely quick
And you can order just a number of pieces to limit your risk.

Sounds great, huh?

In our next blog post, we will describe what we think should be your number 1 on your agenda! We’re up for a long ride, but in the end, you will see it will be well worth it!

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